About Os Liber Press

Native Louisianans Mary H. Manhein and Leah Wood Jewett founded Os Liber Press in 2018. The name translates into “bone book,” a reference to the Press’ first series—Claire Carter, Bone Detective. This new series of mysteries invites young readers to join the adventures of forensic anthropologist Claire Carter and her 11 year-old niece, Penelope “Penny” Charbonnet.


Mary H. Manhein

Mary H. Manhein is a forensic anthropologist and retired director of the Louisiana State University Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services (FACES) Laboratory.  She is author of multiple fiction and non-fiction books. She lives in Baton Rouge with her husband, Bill, two cats, and two dogs.



Leah Wood Jewett

Leah Wood Jewett is a Louisiana artist and an LSU graduate. Since earning her bachelor’s and master’s degrees (1993, 2003) in Anthropology, Leah has worked with a variety of local cultural institutions, connecting the community to history through material culture and archival records. She lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with her husband and son.